The prestigious system made of wood

Softline Timber window cutaway


  • system depth 68/XL-78mm
  • wide range of wood species
  • 2 sealing lines

  • double or triple glazing
  • rounded shapes

Windows SOFTLINE and SOFTLINE XL. Classic solutions, modern form and the natural beauty of wood - these are the most important features of the Softline windows. Thanks to the rounded edges and gentle shapes, we have given our windows an aesthetic look, while maintaining very good technical parameters.

Softline also means excellent thermal insulation properties. The above is due to: the wood structure (porous and fibrous,) the shape and thickness of the window profile (68/78XLmm,) the system of structural grooves, the profiled gasket placed between the sash and the casing. Thanks to this, the interior of your home is perfectly protected against rain, wind, pollution and noise, while the optimal ventilation of the rooms remains maintained.

The window profiles are made of scantlings glued together in 3, 4 layers. This is currently the best way to eliminate the wood defects, such as warping due to the changing humidity conditions. The boards are joined in such way, that the internal stresses appearing in the wood abate each other, and the profile remains straight. Before gluing, they undergo drying processes (optimal for a given species of wood) and impregnation (against fungi and against mould), to increase the durability of the final product

We offer the possibility of equipping the windows with additional accessories which can improve their looks, such as divisions, arches, stained glass, carved elements, handles in various shapes and colours.

Softline Timber Window home photo

The Softline system windows are available in three versions:


The window sash has rounded edges, it is the basic version of a window in this system.
* dimensions for Softline XL window


On the outer edge of the sash we placed an additional aluminium cover, which protects this part of the window from the solar radiation and rainwater.
* dimensions for Softline XL window


The window sash on the outside and the glazing bead have a decorative milling cutter, thanks to which the window looks more elegant and subtler.
* dimensions for Softline XL window

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