Kombisystem Aluminum

A modern system made of PVC and aluminum.

Kombisystem Aluminum PVC Aluminum WIndows


  • system depth 81 mm

  • 6/7 chamber system

  • 2/3 sealing lines

  • modern design

  • advancedtechnologicalsolutions

  • available in different colors

KOMBISYSTEM ALU by UWE Windows and Doors are technologically advanced products with a depth of 83 mm.

The width of the system, six chambers in the frame and sash, the quality of the materials used and the coherent arrangement of the gaskets in three planes guarantee perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. This window meets even the highest expectations. It achieves the coefficients used in passive construction. Increased statics and anti-burglary class have been achieved through the use of the innovative STV system - permanent gluing of the glazing unit to the sash with a static-thermal tape.

KOMBISYSTEM ALU has an aluminum cover on the outside, which further increases the resistance and longevity of the window. The use of an aluminum cover also gives additional personalization options.

Kombisystem Aluminum Home photo

Functionality and aesthetics


Choose a color from our rich palette and shape the windows according to your wishes.

PVC Aluminum window color swatches