MB Ferroline

Modern aluminum system with narrow profiles.

MB Ferroline window cutaway


  • classic window look

  • high degree of thermal protection of the structure resulting from the use of technical solutions of the MB-86 system

  • excellent tightness to water penetration and air infiltration

  • wide range of glazing of up to 61.5mm

  • possibility to manufacture anti-burglary constructions up to RC2 class

The window system with thermal partition MB-FERROLINE is a solution perfectly suited for renovation of historic buildings, allows to maintain the appropriate appearance of windows, which can imitate a steel metal work and at the same time ensure very good technical parameters of the structure.

It can be used to create various types of windows that open inwards (side-hung, tilt, turn-tilt), windows that open outwards (side-hung or tilt) and fixed windows, which besides excellent thermal insulation also have very good sound insulation, water and air tightness and durability.

There are several types of the external appearance of sections. Renovation frames available in the system allow for the assembly of new joinery without the need to dismantle the old door frames, and thus without the risk of possible damage to the wall around the windows. The visible width of the aluminium profiles is adjusted, so that it does not make a large difference in the external appearance of the old and new windows. Based on the proven solutions and having a whole range of new profiles with appropriate shapes, we have, in the MB-FERROLINE system, the ability to make a structure that matches perfectly the style of a building.

MB Ferroline window photo

Functionality and aesthetics:


Choose a color from our rich palette and shape the windows according to your wishes.

PVC Aluminum window color swatches