Alutrend Miratherm

Modern timber & aluminum system

Alutrend Miratherm window cutaway


  • simple shape of aluminum covers

  • system depth 126 mm

  • wide range of wood species

  • 3 sealing lines

  • triple pane glazing

  • additional thermal insulation material

  • Uw from 0.70 W / m2K

For our Clients, who value natural wood, but at the same time they want to ensure the windows’ maximum durability with minimal maintenance costs, we recommend the wood-aluminium Alutrend windows. In their design we used the beautiful, natural wood on the inside, and on the outside, durable and easy to maintain aluminium. Total depth of the window casing amounts to 90mm. The air space between the wooden and aluminium casings constitutes an additional insulator. Therefore, the windows feature a better heat transfer coefficient (1.1-1.2W/m2K), and have improved acoustic insulation, when compared to standard wooden windows.

The Alutrend system creates great opportunities in the areas of colours and aesthetics. On the inside the windows can be made of pine, meranti or oak, and painted with transparent paints (visible wood structure) or the oblique ones (according to the RAL colour scheme.) Aluminium overlays (outer side of the window) can be painted using a special technique and imitate different species of wood (so-called décor) or uniformly in the RAL colours.

Since the Alutrend Miratherm System has been designed for the passive buildings, it is additionally equipped with a thermal break and a special polyurethane insert, which significantly lowers its heat transfer coefficient.

The Alutrend 78 Miratherm system is also available in the version with angular finish of the inner sash (Alutrend Qube 78 Miratherm).

Alutrend Miratherm window photo

Functionality and aesthetics: