Ultratherm Ultima

Ultratherm Ultima window cutaway


  • rectangular shapes

  • the leaf overlay is flush with the surface of the frame from the inside and outside

  • system depth 124.5 mm

  • wide range of wood species

  • three- or four-pane glazing

  • 3 sealing lines

  • anti-burglary security

  • additional thermal insulation material in the sash and frame

  • Uw from 0.69 W / m2K

Ultratherm Ultima are wood-aluminum windows. Together with their features and design, they create a unique system on the Polish market. No producer offers such a window in Poland.
They belong to the Passive Series family. Unique in both technical parameters (excellent thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients), physical features (very high resistance to external factors) and design. They have a flush surface of the leaf and frame on both sides, thanks to which the hinges are not visible. The modern form of the windows will perfectly fit into the architectural designs of our clients.

The UWE Windows and Doors company is an ambassador of the Polish Passive House Institute. It is therefore all the more important for us that our products meet the most stringent requirements. These are Ultratherm Ultima windows. They are designed for energy-efficient, passive buildings, which is confirmed by the certificate of the Institute of Window Technology in Rosenheim and the Institute of Passive Houses in Darmstadt. The depth of the system is 124.5 mm. Windows meet the highest expectations of modern window structures.

In 2014, Ultratherm windows received an award from the chapter of the Exclusive VIP Joinery for “Unique, innovative energy-saving wood-aluminum window. The best solutions ”. In 2016, the Ultratherm Ultima window was awarded the Gold Medal of the Budma International Construction and Architecture Fair in Poznań.

window award

View From The Inside

Ultratherm Ultima window from the inside

View From The Outside

Ultratherm Ultima window from the outside

Standard or Qube versions available