Kombisystem Plus

Increased burglary protection.

Kombisystem plus is the new UWE Windows and Doors central gasket system with a stable bar in the window frame. The central gasket bar effectively protects the mechanical parts in the window from external factors. Central gasket systems stand out for their excellent insulation qualities.

Kombisystem Plus window cutaway


  • outstanding break-in resistance

  • 6 chambers system

  • increased static due to the STV*

  • excellent sound insulation

  • low heat transfer coefficient

  • modern design

Perfect For Large Color Elements

Its outstanding static properties make Kombisystem Plus ideally suited for building large elements with acrylcolor surface finishing. UWE Windows and Doors’s STV bonding technology means that Kombisystem Plus windows can be further upgraded for stability and safety of use.

Kombisystem window cutaway

Outstanding Break-in Resistance

Even the standard version of the Kombisystem Plus system is one of the safest options around. But the Kombisytem Plus system’s new central domed gasket makes the burglar’s job much harder. Most break-ins start with the window being levered out: the intruder slides a screwdriver between the frame and sash. The sturdy new dome is an effective barrier against this.

Kombisystem window burgler shield image