MB 60

Modern aluminum system with narrow profiles.

MB 60 aluminum window cutaway


  • modern design

  • possibility of bending profiles, among others door frames, wings and battens

  • close relation to the MB-45 and MB-70 window and door systems

  • gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber

  • thermal insulation

  • advanced technological solutions

The system used for construction of the external architectural elements which require the thermal and acoustic insulation.

With the system many different types of windows can be made: windows with the so-called hidden sash MB-60US, pivot windows MB-60 Pivot, and windows in the Industrial version, i.e. looking “Steel-like”; also available are anti-burglar windows and doors.

On the MB-60 system also based is the construction of the MB-60EF window, dedicated to the MB-SR50 EFEKT façade, and the MB-60E system of economy doors.

Majority of these solutions is available in the HI version - with the increased thermal insulation.

MB 60 window photo

Window in the MB 60 system may also be available in versions:

MB 60 HI

The profiles of the MB-60 base system have a 3-chamber structure and the “omega” type thermal barrier. The system also comes in version with the increased thermal insulation MB-60HI, obtained due to the use of special insulating inserts inside the sections and in the under-glass space.

MB 60 US

Windows made of elements of this system have sashes invisible from the outside of a building. In the series of adjacent fixed and opening windows, it is impossible to distinguish between them


Choose a color from our rich palette and shape the windows according to your wishes.

PVC Aluminum window color swatches