MB Slimline

Modern aluminum system with narrow profiles.

MB Slimline window cutaway


  • excellent tightness to water penetration and air infiltration

  • good thermal insulation Uw from 0.8W/(mK)

  • wide range of glazing of up to 81 mm

  • structures adjusted to different types of fittings

  • narrow profiles

The MB-Slimline window system with a thermal barrier featuring excellent thermal insulation is used to manufacture various types of windows opening inwards (side-hung, tilt, turn-tilt) and windows fixed, which besides excellent thermal insulation also feature very good sound insulation, water and air tightness and outstanding durability.

Window system MB-Slimline, with very narrow aluminium profiles visible on the outside of the structure allows manufacture of the window sashes in two variants - with visible or invisible profiles (SG) from the outside of a building. The appearance of fixed and opening areas, when using invisible sashes, is therefore almost identical. This system can also very well replace the old type of windows made of steel profiles, ensuring a similar look from the outside of a building, while significantly increasing the thermal insulation of the partition.

MB Slimline window photo

Functionality and aesthetics:


Choose a color from our rich palette and shape the windows according to your wishes.

PVC Aluminum window color swatches