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Quality Of Life Without Compromise

Living space is valuable, so it should be put to the best possible use. For the first time, UWE Windows and Doors SMOOVIO combines the space-saving convenience of sliding solutions with extraordinarily compact design. This is made possible through a synergy of newly developed hinge parts, innovative profile geometry and optimised seals.
Smoovio Sliding Windows


  • Effortless gliding

  • Saves and creates space

  • Wind-proof

  • Impermeable to driving rain

  • Excellent heat insulation

  • Optimum noise protection

  • Elegant, unobtrusive design

Thanks to the use of PVC, Smoovio sliding system windows are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Following the current architectural trends, the Smoovio Sliding system design will be the true embellishment of your home.

The rich colour palette will allow you to adjust your Smoovio to your individual style.

Both Saves And Creates Space

A Relaxed Glide And Secure Seal

The comfort advantage that comes with sliding windows was previously often paid for with a lower-quality seal. A refined closing mechanism in the new sliding system means this is no longer an issue.

Create Valuable Extra Space

Sliding elements result in a great deal more living space, as these models require no pivot area for window and door leaves. This also means that the living space directly in front of the window can also be used. Sliding elements offer unbelievable potential to create valuable free space when planning layouts.

Smoovio window photo

See what the SMOOVIOsystem looks like now.

Simple And Leak-tight

...in Wind And Poor Weather

Simple And Leak-tight windows

Premium Components

Intelligent components render their service invisibly. Special roller systems and extraordinary closing technology ensure smooth operation and excellent leak-tightness.

Premium window Components

Opening Types

Scheme A

Smoovio opening scheme A

Scheme C (in preparation)

Smoovio opening scheme C